Pricing & Details

Dear Resident(s):

We value you as a resident and understand these difficult times.  Many of you have been impacted financially in from COVID-19.  If you have suffered a loss of income due to COVID-19, have exhausted all efforts for assistance to pay April’s rent on April 1st,  there is a link below that is provided and a Representative from our Corporate Office will be in contact with you.  We will review the application (which will need proof of income and a verification of job loss).  Any deferral amount, you would be responsible to pay back over a period of time – communication with our Team-19 Experts through this process, is important.  We will need to contact you via email and/or phone.

We encourage you to search for resources offered by federal, state, and local governments – as well as local community organizations – to help secure financial assistance, food, and healthcare. The federal government is providing significant resources to support those affected by this pandemic, including an extension of unemployment benefits, direct payments to Americans, and assistance to select industries to get people back to work.

For those of you not financially impacted by the pandemic, it is critical that timely rent payments continue. We are committed to helping those directly impacted by the pandemic and supporting everyone living in our communities, but we rely on rent payments from those who haven’t been affected so we can continue to pay our employees who are keeping communities open, maintaining cleanliness, and taking care of residents’ needs. By not paying rent, the community’s financial obligations are also affected – mortgages, taxes, and insurance payments must still be paid. Our goal is to keep our communities open, the lights on, and our residents comfortable in their homes.

The link below will guide you through some questions, once submitted – we will be in touch.  Thank you!